Assistant Manager

Kapaa (On-Site)
Full Time

Assuming daily store responsibilities to include opening and closing the store, assisting customers, performing all POS and register duties. Responsibilities may vary by store and will be determined by the store manager and assistant manager collaboratively. The Assistant Manager assists in the responsibilities alongside the Store Manager and helps with overall daily operations. If the manager is on vacation or sick, the assistant manager will assume their duties with the exception of payroll, hiring, and employees termination procedures.

The following are duties each Assistant Manager is responsible for on a daily basis or as needed:

  • Leading and coaching the team in providing excellent customer service
  • Train, guide and assist in developing co-workers and resolve employee issues alongside the manager 
  • Make decisions in special circumstances for unsatisfied customers
  • Provide coverage during store emergency situations (i.e., someone is sick or if alarm company calls outside of store hours)
  • Coordinating with the store manager to schedule “on-call” or unexpected situations that may arise
  • Share monthly/weekly/daily sales goals with staff to achieve store goals
  • Assist store manager with operational duties to include; General Store maintenance, keeping the store stocked with any supplies, reordering of merchandise, store Instagram account, determining mark downs, process damages, process and mail out transfers
  • Follow up with customer requests
  • Delegate admin functions and run errands (i.e., banking and post office runs)
  • Process shipment weekly and email any discrepancies to D1 managers
  • Maintaining the store aesthetic through bi weekly store remerch and posting a video afterwards or between 1-15th and 16-31st


  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance (full-time employees only)
  • 401 K and 401 K matching
  • 50% store discount for employee only (this does not include family and friends)
  • Monthly store bonus when goals are reached
  • Monthly clothing allotment
  • PTO (please ask)