Dear friends of Mahina,

You’re probably tired of every business posting a message about why they’re closing. “There’s a virus.” “Social distancing.” We’ll spare you reading yet another one of those. We have closed our retail stores and we’ll open when we can. We’ll announce when we’re back. In the meantime, our online store is fully operational and we are looking forward to serving you. That’s pretty much all you need to know. But read on if you want to know a bit more about what we’re doing to take care of ourselves.

When my wife and I were coming up with the idea for Mahina we knew that we wanted it to be a fun, easy-going environment where our employees would enjoy themselves, feel accepted and appreciated, and where our customers would feel welcomed and treated like friends. We’re a pretty fun, irreverent, quirky and hard-working bunch. Having to close the stores is truly heartbreaking because we feel like we’re forced to socially distance ourselves from our family. What we’ve done is band together on our internal company website to post jokes, pictures of our pets and children, listen to each other when we feel anxious, share tips on how to reduce stress (like meditation, exercise and drinking kava tea—plus tons of water). We’re holding each other tight (at least electronically) and nurturing ourselves as much as possible so that as soon as it’s safe to return to the stores, we can be back to the way we were. If not tons better.

Thank you for reading this. We really appreciate your sweetness and support. We’ll announce when we come back in our Instas, email, and Facebook.

Be safe. Be well.


Jody and Joe