Aloha friends,

Last time we sent a message we announced the closing of our 15 stores. That sure was one helluva day. Today we have a bit of a happier message. But first, we just want to say that we miss you and that we hope you are all well, healthy and safe. 

This damned virus is forcing us to change how we work. Instead of arguing with reality, we’ve decided to put into effect our “Let’s have fun figuring this out” rallying cry. This is a slogan we came up with to diffuse tense and difficult situations so we can remember that with optimism, positivity and good humor we can find more creative ways to solve problems. Try it at home. It really works. 

So we’ve decided to change things up a bit. We are going to be sharing more of ourselves with you and finding fun new ways to showcase our new merchandise arrivals, news, and the beautiful people who work behind the scenes at Mahina. 

So keep an eye out for new content in emails, or here on our web store, and on our main Instagram account (make sure you follow us @shopmahina). 

Thank you so much for your support and love and all of your kind messages. 

Much love,

Jody & Joe